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Rural Electrification

CEPCE India is committed for electrification of villages, clean drinking water and schools for primary education. The ongoing projects target electrification of two tribal villages; Geesugandi and Kudichintabaayalu.

Geesugandi is a remote Chenchu tribal village deep in Nallamala forest. It is located in Mahaboonagar district and 90km from Mannanuru check post on Srisailam highway. With no road access to this village the 2 possible ways to reach this village;

1. A walk through the tough forest terrain for 18kms.
2. Or travel 20kms to Anupu a small village in the back water of  Nagarjuna Sagar. And about 4 hours journey in fishing boat upstream of river Krishna towards Srisailam takes you to the destiny.

The village population is about 100. Literacy rate in the village is 0% and no access to even primary education they live in extreme conditions. There is neither first aid center nor any medical facility and often God is the only source of healing for any sickness. The mortality rate has been quite high in the recent years.  They do not have any electricity and no safe drinking water facilities.

The most remarkable thing is the unity amongst them and their life in harmony with nature. They collect gum, honey and other forest products and sell in the Girijana cooperative stores in Mannanuru. The major source of income is through the Government’s Paniki Ahara Patakam (Employment Scheme) for 100 days in a year which doesn’t really make a good living.

Geesugandi 1


Geesugandi 3

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